about us

Community Activators is a small, high-energy workgroup that pursues opportunities to help organizations innovate. Whether it’s offering a training or helping design and implement a project, we operate in a holistic way by mining out the wisdom of the people involved in the issue, bringing knowledge of multicultural helping traditions, relying on asset-based community organizing strategies, using advanced creative solution-finding techniques, and bringing stories of what’s working in other places.

The partners in Community Activators bring degrees in Clinical Social Work, Rehabilitation Administration, Vocational Education, and Special Education. We also have focused learning in creativity processes and mediation. Our work experience includes being community organizers, teachers, politicians, innovation project managers, and leaders within a wide variety of social service organizations. What we have learned and have to offer comes from working with groups of all kinds to build welcoming and productive organizations and communities.

Our offices are on Vashon Island. Washington, which is a short ferry ride from Seattle. We work wherever our mission and services can be useful to a person, organization, community group, or government agency.

rules we live by :
#6 : Employees will not, in the long run, give to others what they are not getting for themselves. That’s why building solid relationships in workplaces is not frivolous or “extra” work. When employees begin to eliminate the obstacles to healthy relationships that exist between each other, they learn how to have those same relationships with the people they are serving. It is an absolutely necessary step on the road to quality services.
our customers say :
“These kinds of changes scare everyone, but the process they brought promoted confidence and excitement in participants.”

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