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Creating Welcoming Cultures in Helping Organizations 

Welcoming –- What is it? More than good customer service, more than creating a “friendly atmosphere,” a welcoming culture leads to increased hope, improved teamwork, and targeted outcomes. It provides a reliable foundation for connecting the core beliefs of an organization with its daily practices. For more than 20 years, Bruce Anderson has provided in-depth, action-oriented Creating Welcoming Cultures consultations to groups of many kinds—civic, service, educational, and advocacy. In this energizing and practical audio presentation, Anderson defines “welcoming” concisely, identifies the crucial Four Thinking Shifts for both individuals and organizations, and then describes in detail an action model that will create and sustain a welcoming culture in your group. Stories and examples clearly illustrate how the concepts can be utilized by anyone who asks: How welcoming are we?

Disc One: 

  1. Introduction
  2. The Welcoming Convergence
  3. What is Welcoming?
  4. When Sanctuary Harms
  5. Organizational Change: Four Thinking Shifts

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Disc Two: 

  1. Individual Change: The Stance of Mutuality
  2. Welcoming Action Model
  3. Basic Steps to Getting Started
  4. Countering Complexity

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2 discs, 94 minutes

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WA Residents will be charged 8.4% sales tax.

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