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Community Activators offers TEN hands-on trainings developed as a result of customer requests for specific information and skills related to blending strength/asset-based strategies into the fields of social services, education, and community organizing.

Our core training series, Five Skills of an Ally, consists of five individual modules which can be used separately or combined in a series to produce a powerful paradigm for providing “good help” in any kind of social service, education, or community organizing work.  
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Our five Advanced Ally trainings, using the same underlying philosophy as the Five Skills of an Ally series, offer strategies to further integrate the strength/asset-based approach into specific kinds of helping, education, and community organizing work. Completion of the Five Skills of an Ally core training series IS NOT required to participate in an Advanced Ally training.  
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First, we asked ourselves what kind of training helps employees of our organization learn new skills and enjoy themselves at the same time.  As a result, we built our trainings around an active adult learning model, which means…
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rules we live by :
#2 : Big change is easier than small change. Why? Resistance increases the closer a new idea is to an old one. Talk to a person who lost five pounds. Talk to a person who lost fifty pounds. One person changed a fundamental assumption about who they were and dug in for the long haul. The other person wanted to stay the same, just be a little thinner.

our customers say :
“They have a way of knowing, seeing, and remembering community that is critical for our kind of work.”

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